Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gaylordian Get Away

 A little bit of home.   This past weekend the guys from the diocese of Gaylord who live in Rome got away for a little R&R before exams start this coming week.  Msgr. Gallagher, Father Matthew Cowan, Deacon Tyler Bischoff and myself (now the only non-cleric here in Rome) headed up to a small town tucked in the mountains of central Italy called Campo di Giove. (Picture to the left). . It is a ski town in the winter and a place for Italians to escape the heat in the summer.  As you can see below the land lord of the complex we stayed at was busy blowing snow most of the day.  It gave a great sense of home at a much needed time.  That is Msgr. Gallagher's car covered in snow in the background.

 We didn't get out skiing but that was not our purpose this weekend.  We just needed to have some time to relax, cook and have some fraternity, so that is just what we did.  As you can see in the pictures we had a fireplace and a small kitchen which did the trick.  We even did some of the cooking on the open fire as you can see below.  To the right is a picture of Msgr. Gallagher standing next to a statue of Ovid a famous Roman poet who was born in the area around 43 BC.  
Here is a picture of the hermitage which was the original place where Celestine V (a medieval pope) lived before he was taken out of seclusion and placed on the chair of Peter because of his great holiness.  Click the link and read about him.  Interesting to note, he is one of the only other popes to ever have abdicated the Papacy other than Pope Benedict XVI.

Tyler cooking!!

Potatoes on the fire.

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  1. Awe! Looks like a nice time was had by the Michiganians! Hope exams are going well. Prayers for you all.