Monday, November 3, 2014


This past weekend I visited a priest friend of mine in Austria in a small town near Vienna.  He is a Filipino priest but studies in Austria and helps at the local churches.  

Attached a few pictures of the small Church I helped out at for All Saints and All Souls day.   The Church was very small as you can see but full of beauty.  The Stain glass windows were amazing. The Church, St. Helena, is in need of great repair but has a solid group of parishioners who are doing there best to restore it and get people back in the pews.  It was a joy to visit with them and to hear the history of this area. The Church dates to back to the 1400's. The picture on the bottom left is after All Souls Mass with Fr. Florencio and Barabara (the care taker for the Church)  She is a very faith-filled
woman and loves this little church.

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