Monday, September 29, 2014

Safe and sound

The group of friends and family from the diocese have arrived in Rome today. Everyone made is safe and sound. Notice I said "everyone" and not "everything". We had some missing bags, but we're hopeful that by this evening everything missing will make it to the hotel. At least we can hope!

This afternoon I met them at the Coliseum in time for lunch. We were able to find some good pizza. I think my Granny really likes Italian pizza, although she admitted it is different than "our pizza"

It was a great day. It was so good to see everyone here, especially my family. Everyone was really exhausted after the flight, but after a good night of sleep they'll be ready for a big day tomorrow.

The highlight today was Mass. To begin our pilgrimage in prayer, Fr. Matthew Cowan celebrated Mass for the group this afternoon at St. Peter in Chains Church - where the chains that held St. Peter in prison are venerated.  What a great way to start our pilgrimage! And it was a good coincidence because I remembered today that St. Peter in Chains Church is the titular church of Cardinal Wuerl who will be ordaining my class to the diaconate. Pretty cool.

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