Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Amazing Picture of Divine Mercy

This shows how God works through the Priest in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  A few days ago I spoke to the students at Immaculate Conception in Traverse City and I said that the Sacraments are truly amazing and they should go to Mass daily and also go to Confession at least once a month and this picture shows just how amazing Confession really is. One of the examples I gave the kids was that of a boy that fell off his bike, the kid was cut up, bleeding and in pain. The kid then went to his mom and his mom comforted him and took him to a doctor to heal his wounds from the accident. The doctor then wrapped up his cuts and gave him an ice pack and said in a week you will be back riding again but next time wear a helmet. Likewise when one sins our Blessed Mother will help us get to Confession and her son Jesus, Our Divine Physician will heal and remove the sin from us with the words of absolution and then the Priest will give some advice like pray the rosary, which is like the doctor saying wear a helmet.

So ....... when was the last time you went to Confession?    

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  1. I went just two days before Divine Mercy Sunday and once again I was " re baptized " and healed and was given direction to pray a Rosary right after...so I went to Our Lady and mother took care to encourage me on this journey. Thanks Sean for sharing ....confession is truly amazing.