Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 13th 2013, When Pope Francis arrived

5:30 am my alarm went off, it was Wednesday March 13th 2013 and the first thing I said was "why did I set my alarm for 5:30 am?" Then I remembered we might have a Pope at 6:00 am and before you knew it I was in the t.v room watching that little chimney in that little box in the left hand corner of the screen while EWTN had is regular broadcast, which was hilarious. Then right before Morning Prayer there was White Smoke! ....... then grey smoke?, now it's black smoke, no Pope. (I think Chris Jarvis misread black for white :-)

Then went to Morning Prayer and Mass and of course made it to my 4 classes and paid attention, which was hard because many seminarians had a live broadcast of EWTN on their computers.

Then at 12:15 I made myself a ham sandwich and made camp in the t.v room, watching EWTN and Fox News. And I thank God for sending us that bird on the chimney because just starring at a chimney can be a bit boring.

Then at 2:05......... black smoke started coming out.......then grey smoke?.......then 100% WHITE SMOKE!!!!!! We Have a Pope! Then I gave a high five to one seminarian and then who comes through the door but a Franciscan Brother asking what happened and then you could hear yelling in the seminary along with doors closing and then 80 some seminarians running down the stairs to the t.v room. Everyone was on cloud 9.

Then about an hour later they announce that the new Popes name is "Frances"? Did we hear that right? Nonetheless everyone cheered as if their team won the Super Bowl, especially our Franciscan brothers who were now on cloud 10.
Then when Pope Francis came out to greet his flock, everyone was perfectly silent and a great comfort came when our new Holy Father started speaking, like a father to his sons and daughters, very simple, humble and loving.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to have enjoyed that moment in the Church and to think in 2005 I was watching Pope Benedict on t.v in a public High School and now I am in a Catholic Seminary, God is Good and may God bless our Pope Francis and his flock.        

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