Sunday, February 17, 2013

My new short film "BeoWulf"

Just copy and paste

For Literature class we read "BeoWulf" and on Friday I decided that it would be a fun short film and so I ask a few seminarians to play in this movie, one of them is the great Peter Freundl. Then we shot the movie Saturday and Sunday and just like that we had a sweet movie. On our opening night we had 55 seminarians show up from both the college and theology, which is amazing.

Well I hope you enjoy our film and I have to thank Ben Rexroat for helping me look like Grendel :-) and yes I need a hair cut.

Have a good Sunday


  1. Bishop Bernard Hebda17 February, 2013 21:35

    Two thumbs up (and an episcopal seal of approval). I may never sleep again.

  2. Hilarious! Judy & I just watched it in the office - good to know you, Peter, and Ben are keeping busy!!!

    PS - Who knew Ben had such talent with hair & make up?

  3. It was great to watch Two thumbs up. You guys did a great job.:)