Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pontifical Olympics 2012

Here are some sweet pictures that I took at our Annual Pontifical Olympics for the Theology. I am sorry to say that I did not take part in the games for I had a cold and being that Prudent is my middle name I found a sub but Ben and myself did wear some cool Pontifical Ninja outfits but I failed to find the pictures :-) Like the great St. Paul says, "Run the race and play crazy games but most of all look sweet doing it."Amen St. Paul. Please know that Deacon Bryan did a great job as the host, as he would say he "Praised the Lord" with his gift of speaking and Chris did a great job bowling as you will see below.  Also I would like to thank Chris Jarvis for letting me borrow his ninja outfit and for Ben making those sweet Ninja outfits last year. It was a great night for the seminarians to get together as the Apostles and the Desert Fathers did so many moons ago. Enjoy,  

 Yes, He shot a fire burning arrow into a huge pile of boxes with a few drops of lighter fluid. And he did it on his first try.

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