Monday, October 22, 2012

Night Fever

Come let us adore Him...

This past summer I was introduced to 'Night Fever'. It is an evening of adoration, music, candles and prayer before Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. The key aspect of 'Night Fever' is the presence of many young people in the streets near the church inviting anyone passing by into the church for a moment of silence. The idea comes from World Youth Day in Cologne and has been spreading throughout the major European cities. I first participated in 'Night Fever' in London this past summer.

I found out that the young German pilgrims in Rome for the canonizations would be hosting 'Night Fever' in the German church (Santa Maria dell'anima) near Piazza Navona. I couldn't help but walk down there to check it out. 'Night Fever' in London had left such a powerful impression on me so I couldn't wait to have the chance to participate in it again. I even got to spend some time outside the church helping some of the young people invite people into the church.

Reflecting on experiences like this, when people are brought to encounter in a most real way the living presence of Jesus Christ, I thought how appropriate it is that this took place while the Synod Fathers are meeting in Rome to discuss the new evangelization. It seems to me something so simple but innovative like 'Night Fever' is an important expression of the new evangelization.

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