Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

At the Josephinum all of the seminarians had 3 days off or on the third day had a retreat. For me, I started and ended my weekend making sure to do my required readings for the next week but for the middle I left that up to the Holy Spirit. After much prayer I decided to play some ice hockey 10min. away from the seminary for a few hours.(that was a good workout). Then I decided to visit a close friend of mine in the Detroit Diocese, Fr. David and then go see the Detroit Tigers crush the White Sox 5-1.
The next day I went to the Village Museum in Dearborn and the Ford Museum but I forgot my camera so no pictures. I could of spend the whole day their but they closed at 5:00. I really felt that the Holy Spirit was working through me this weekend as people all over from the Hockey game Friday night to the Baseball game Saturday and even at the Museum people kept asking me what my occupation was which lead to many great conversation about the Priesthood and the Catholic Church. It is truly amazing what one can do with God behind the wheel of a 1990 Saturn.