Monday, September 10, 2012

Croquet Night!

Dcn. Bryan, George, the chef: Ben, Chris, Peter, Brad, and Sean Farkas.
Prayer; Dinner; Croquet; Brotherhood! What could get any better than this? The Answer: beating the majority of your brothers at croquet!  However, I lost . . . I lost to the holy deacon, Deacon Bryan. This year we, the brothers at the PCJ, decided that we were going to rotate who would plan a bi-weekly event and Ben stepped up to the wicket and nailed a complete breakaway!
Peter striking his first breakaway!

Sean trying to get the ball into the wicket.
Ben rolled out his famous grill, Brad and George ran to the refectory for some colas, Sean helped the good Deacon get the picnic table and we had a good ole fashioned picnic in the back 40 of the PCJ right near the Grotto of Our Lady!  On that roll-a-way grill, Ben cooked some fantastic brats: cheese filled, beef (it's what's for dinner), and one other kind that slips my mind. He also got some classic picnic fixins: potato salad, macaroni salad, potato chips and who can forget the cookies! I believe, Peter ate most of the cookies before the rest of us were even there! Dinner was a wonderful time to pray for our diocese and for the continuation of our brotherhood. It was nice to sit down and relax for a time period, to just let go of any anxieties of school work and just have some great discussion and of course, like brothers, classic teasing!

Sean and Dcn. Bryan
Watching the heated match from a near distance. 
After we feasted, it was time for some American Style Croquet.  Deacon Bryan and I started out with some awesome first hits, getting right through the first two wickets, and off to the third with totally awesome set ups for both of us. But the others, well they just had some horrible time getting through that first wicket. Sean even had some unique ideas on how to get the ball through the first wicket, which made it very, very entertaining for the rest of us! It ended up with Deacon Bryan hitting through the first three wickets very quickly and a few short hits by me that secured him the title of Diocesean Brotherhood Croquet Night Gold Medalist! What a night! Pray for us and our continued discernment; that we may fulfill the call of the Lord how ever He sees fit.