Friday, September 14, 2012

Cincinnati retreat

Yesterday some of the seminarians had a retreat at Cincinnati's Seminary called "Conformity to Christ in Priestly Life." Archbishop Di Noia presented two amazing talks and it also gave us the opportunity to talk with other seminarians from other seminaries ( Josephinum is still the best ) and hear vocations stories and what sports are more popular at what seminary and bragging about our new bowling ally. Only the most important issues.

For people reading this who have not been on a retreat, I must explain that it is a great time to just hit the PAUSE button on the VCR of life. For me a retreat like this one is like a vacation and but I must admit the silent retreats take me a couple days to get in the zone. This retreat really helped remind all of the seminarians of what a Catholic priest is and what is expected of him at the parish, like being there to give the Sacraments 24/7 and to not be like an office worker that works from 9-5.

To conclude I strongly recommend going to a retreat because even though it is nice to soak up some rays on a beach in Florida, I personally would rather soak up some rays on a kneeler in Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament but that's just me....... no pressure.        

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