Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The First of May

It is the month of May. It is the month of Mary!

Our Lady of Humilty - Outside the main chapel
The First of May is a national worker's holiday in Italy. It is sort of the equivalent to our Labor Day. May 1st is also the liturgical memorial of St. Joseph the Worker. So, we didn't have classes. We had the chance to kick back and relax for a day and to enjoy the good weather.

In order to celebrate the beginning of the month of Mary, a few of us went on a walking pilgrimage Tuesday afternoon. My friend from the Spanish College explained to us that it is the tradition to pray the Rosary while walking to and from a nearby Marian shrine. In Spanish it is called a Romería, which literally refers to one walking towards Rome. . After our Romería to Santa Maria in Trastereve we went for some gelato. Oh and by the way, I think I found my new favorite gelato place. I guess it is the most popular place among the seminarians at the English college.

What a beautiful way to begin the month of Our Lady by taking a walk to one of the oldest churches dedicated to her to pray the Rosary.