Monday, March 12, 2012

Just another day...

On Saturday I had every intention to get up early to make the pilgrimage walk to the station church for Holy Mass. But as it turned out at some point during the night I turned off my alarm. It probably was for the best since I slept in till 8 AM and awoke refreshed (oh and don't worry I still went to the morning house Mass ;)). The sun didn't wake me because Europeans have these great shutters that block out all light...

Anyways, I was bummed because I missed a station church so I decided to head on over to Sts. Peter and Marcellinus on Saturday evening. Though I cheated and I took the bus. My timing was perfect and I made it there in time for the Diocese of Rome's station church liturgy. It wasn't Mass this time, but rather a procession, litany of the saints, and solemn Vespers. The procession through the streets with the relics of the martyrs Peter and Marcellinus was great. Even in Italy heads were turning. Can you imagine what people would say if they saw us doing a procession like that in the States? I realized tonight how much I love the Romans now ... from the little old ladies singing off key and complaining in what they think is a whispering voice to the off key cantor to the myriad of young boys in cassocks that don't fit them well to the good monsignor's rousing homily, all wrapped up into an ancient but strong faith ... After Evening Prayer I and a few other guys took a stroll around the neighborhood since we had never explored that area of Rome before. We found some pretty unique stores and a neat little Irish pub nestled in some hidden away corner. Though our attempts to go to dinner were thwarted because all the restaurants that we tried required advance reservations (alas we should have just eaten at the Irish pub). Of course we couldn't go hungry so we took the metro back (which was only my third time using it) to familiar territory where we knew we could find a friendly restaurant.

Just thought I'd share a simple that story with you that gave me pause to thank God for all of his many gifts especially for the gift of the holy martyrs who still to this day witness to us.

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