Monday, June 20, 2011

Higgins Lake Half-Marathon

When I first arrived at Our Lady of the Lake this summer, Fr. Joe asked if he'd run the 5k if I'd run the half-marathon. I told him it would be fun if we both ran the race. So we agreed that he'd train for the 5k and I'd train for the half. Last Saturday, June 18th I ran the Higgins Lake half-marathon. It was a beautiful course around on half of the Higgins lake. Fr. Joe ran the 5k. I was able to see him finish and he looked strong. Turns out all his training payed off for him. As for me, I had not trained nearly enough to post a good time, but I still won the race with a time of 1:18:40. Hopefully I can post some pictures soon.

God Bless...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Boston Marathon

So this is old news, but I figured I would start blogging by describing my trip to Boston for the Boston Marathon.

Boston wasn't my first marathon but it was my first major marathon. I didn't travel to Boston alone. Three other seminarians from the Josephinum went with me. We left on Friday, April 16th and drove through the night from Columbus to New York. We got to New York in time for morning Mass with the CFRs in Harlem. We didn't do much on Saturday except explore St. Patrick's cathedral. I have to explain why there is a bust in all my photos. The seniors at the Josephinum have a tradition of temporarily relocating the bust of Gaetano Cardinal Cicognani that is usually outside the library. So we decided to temporary relocate him in New York and Boston. It would be safe to say that it was the farthest any class had ever taken him away from the seminary. Only a couple NYPD officers asked us where we got such a large bust. It was awesome.

On Sunday we joined the friars for their Palm Sunday procession and Mass. We walked through the streets of the Bronx waving our Palm branches. It was a powerful experience. I was also lucky enough to meet Fr. Benedict Groeschel the founder of the CFRs. After Mass we drove to Boston and picked up my registration packet and bib number. Sunday night we stayed at St. John's seminary and met some of the seminarians from Boston. It is always great meet other seminarians and hear their stories.

We woke up early Monday morning and I did my normal pre-race routine. One of the priests at St. John's was nice enough to celebrate an early morning Mass for the four of us so that we could attend Mass before the race. The other guys drove me out to the start line and I felt ready to run. Over 26,000 runners ran in the Boston this year! I was in the first corral at the front of the pack.

Overall the experience of running the Boston was awesome. I had no idea that so many people would line the course and cheer for the runners. There was several times when I felt really tired but the crowd kept me motivated. Also seeing my brother seminarians twice during the race really helped!

I finished the race in 181st place with a personal record time of 2:37:57. I was so sore after the race, but now a month later I'm looking forward to running another marathon someday.