Saturday, October 15, 2011

Open wide the doors and gates...

On October 14th, the college celebrated the 58th anniversary of the dedication of the Immaculate Conception chapel by Pope Pius XII in 1953.

You may know this but the anniversary of a dedication of a church or chapel is celebrated each year in that church as a solemnity, that is a Mass with its own special readings and the Gloria and Creed are said. Also you may have noticed that in many churches there are candles hanging on the walls that are rarely lit. These candles are the dedication candles which on the anniversary of the dedication are lit. The Church celebrates the anniversary of the dedication of churches so solemnly because it a reminder to us all that Christ is the cornerstone and we are the living stones which build up the Church, which is a great mystery to contemplate.

I found this video of Pope Pius XII. The video is silent, but in it you can see him as he arrives at the North American to bless and dedicate the Immaculate Conception chapel. Click Here to watch.

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