Thursday, October 20, 2011

Diocesan brothers...

Another thing about being away from home is being away from the other seminarians of the diocese. I was sort of thinking about that the other day, so I thought I'd ask you all to pray for all of us. In today's world it is not easy to discern any vocation. Our society is so afraid of permanence. So keep these men in your prayers.

In seminarian jargon a fellow seminarian is called a diocesan brother or DB for short. We truly are brothers even if we go to different seminaries. This year we've been blessed with three new seminarians for Gaylord. I couldn't actually find a picture of all of us, but I did find this recent picture of five DBs. These guys are all from the same parish, Holy Rosary Parish in Cedar.

Seminarians for the diocese of Gaylord:
  • Deacon Joe Ortega
  • Deacon Peter Wigton (Theology IV)
  • Bryan Medlin (Theology III)
  • Chet Collins (Theology III)
  • Matthew Cowan (Theology II)
  • Will MacMaster (Theology II)
  • Tyler Bischoff (Theology I)
  • Michael Wigton (College IV)
  • Chris Jarvis (Pre-Theology II)
  • Ben Rexroat (Pre-Theology II)
  • Nicolas Cooper (Pre-Theology I)
  • Bradely Nursey(Pre-Theology I)
  • Sean Farkas (College II)
  • Matthew Furgiuele (Pastoral Year)
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel...Pray for us
If you want you can read more about the seminarians on our diocesan website.

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