Thursday, September 22, 2011

Running through Rome...

As you may know I enjoy running. Before arriving in Rome I had no idea what to expect while running in Rome. After 5 weeks here I've manged to plot several different running courses through Rome. One might think that because there is so much traffic in Rome that it would be nearly impossible to run here. On the contrary, there are so many different trail, parks and roads to choose.

My a favorite run so far was Sunday's run. Rome, as most ancient cities, has outside walls which were constructed and maintained as a means of defense. The outside walls of Rome were build about 1700 years ago. The NAC is just inside the Roman walls. So it was really easy, or so I thought, to run around the outside of of the city. The first half of the run was really nice. It was pretty easy to follow the walls around the city. The landscape was beautiful and there was a paved road/path all along. Over halfway around the city I ran into Termini (the train station) and I couldn't find the wall. So rather than look for it I just ran through the center of the city back to the seminary. In all it was about a 13 mile run. Once I got back I looked a map of the walls and realized where I took a wrong turn. So hopefully soon I can try it again and make it all the way around.

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