Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Some people have been asking what life is like living in Rome. One of the first things once might notice is the difference in the food. The main meal in Italy is Pranzo. Pranzo in English is lunch. Food is so important to the Italians that they have a different verb for each meal:

Fare colazione = to eat breakfast
Pranzare = to eat lunch
Cenare = to eat dinner

Pranzo at the NAC begins with the salad. (NB. In Italy pranzo typically does not begins with salad but rather it is the second to last course, but since the Rector found that most seminarians were not eating enough salad it was placed at the beginning.) The salad is always served with oil, vinegar, cheese, salt and pepper on top. After the salad comes the pasta. After pasta comes the main course which consists of some sort of meat and vegetable. Finally desert is served. Half of the days the desert is fruit while the other half it is some sort of sweet.

Hopefully that gives an idea of what lunch time is like at the NAC in Italy.

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