Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ad Assisi

We spent this past weekend as a new man class on a retreat in Assisi. It was an awesome experience. It was also great to get out of the business of Rome for a small town. Assisi is famous as the birthplace of Sts. Francis and Clare. Both saints are buried in Assisi. On Friday we were privileged to celebrate Mass in the crypt of San Francesco Basilica near the bones of St. Francis. On Saturday we had Mass up near the top of Mount Subaso where St. Francis built a retreat/hermitage for his friars. On Sunday we had Mass in the main church of Santa Chiara basilica (See right). I have to admit, I'm a bit exhasted from three weeks of travel. Yet, this trip to Assisi was really refreshing. For one reason the hotel we stayed in had AC and I finally was able to sleep through the night and secondly it was nice to be out of the big city.

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