Friday, August 26, 2011

Vigil and Closing Mass

It is impossible to describe the experience of the pilgrimage walk, prayer vigil with the Holy Father and the closing Mass. So I will simply post some pictures. But, I can say that the most powerful and memorable moment for me was when the Holy Father led over a million youth in adoration. It is impossible for a crowd of a million and half to be silent, but I tell you I could have heard a pin drop. Everyone stopped walking and talking and looked up towards the altar and stood or kneeled as the Holy Father gave us benediction.

This is the main Altar for the vigil and Mass. This is after the terrible thunderstorm. There is nothing quite like being in a large open field during a lightening storm.

We tried to get some sleep. It didn't help that everything we had was wet. They had run out of food. We had some water. Luckily the near by Marquette group was able to spare some food. Sacrifices...

This photo at least gives a sense of how big the crowd was.