Friday, August 26, 2011

Toledo y Avila

On Monday and Tuesday, I had the chance to visit the ancient cities of Toledo and Avila. Again words can't describe the experience. We were so fortunate to be able to have Fr. James celebrate Mass for us at a side altar at the cathedral in Toledo. One of the most magnificent churches in the world.

On Tuesday, Fr. Don, Fr. James and I traveled to Avila. Avila is the birthplace of the reform of the Carmelite order. Our La.dy of Mt. Carmel is the patroness of the diocese of Gaylord. We joined the aux. bishop of Denver for Mass at the San Jose convent. It is convent started by St. Teresa to begin the reform of the order. The reform began with the invesiture and Mass on Aug 24th 449 years ago. We were there on Aug. 23rd. How awesome is that? It was so moving to be there at Mass where 449 years ago St. Teresa stood and renewed her vows as a consecrated carmelite. Fr. Don and I also got to pray in front of the baptismal font in the local parish where St. Teresa was baptized. We didn't realize it at first until I read the inscription.

I'm standing in the San Jose convent started by St. Teresa. She would have talked to people through this very turntable. I left a few prayer requests with the sisters.

This is the baptismal font where St. Teresa was baptized! Fr. Don and I touched it.

This is the chapel where St. Teresa on Aug. 24th started the San Jose convent. This is the altar where the aux. bishop of Denver, Fr. James and Fr. Don concelebrated Mass for us.

The day in Avila was my last day in Spain. I fly to Rome on Wednesday...

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