Friday, August 26, 2011


Thursday was my first full day in Rome. I arrived on Wednesday from Madrid.

Hopefully I'll post some reflections later. The orientation schedule is full. We've already gone to see St. Peter's Basilica. It was only a 7 minute walk from the college. It is sort of surreal being in Rome. I have never been to Rome or even Europe before this trip. I've read about Rome. I've seen pictures of Rome. But I've never been to Rome until now and now I live here. Crazy...

After the tour I stayed behind to spend sometime praying at adoration chapel and at the tomb of Bl. John Paul II. I never saw JPII in real life, but now I have actually seen him.

Today, Friday, the rector celebrated Mass at the tomb of St. Peter for us. It is impossible to describe how awesome it was to be at a Mass celebrated in the crypt of St. Peter's basilica so close to the bones of St. Peter and so many other Saints.

As for living in Rome, I've begun to settle into my room. It is terribly hot here. It is 100 degrees right now during the heat of the afternoon. Luckily the chapel and the library are air conditioned.

Until next time... God Bless

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