Thursday, August 25, 2011

Days in the Diocese

Spending five days in the small village of Yunquera in the Diocese of Siquenzia-Guadalajara was absolutely amazing. My host family invited me to come back someday. I really think I will. My favorite memory of DID is the people of Yunquera. They were so generous with everything. I've never ate so much food in my life! The Spainish culture is so rich. I was most especially impressed by their devotion to the Blessed Mother. On Saturday we had the privleage to go on a pilgrimage walk to their Marian chapel, Nuestra Senora de la Granja (Our Lady of the Farm). One of the greatest gifts of DID is the opportunity to share our common faith with people from another place in the world and to realize that it truly is one faith, one Lord Jesus Christ.

The Sisters of St. Jerome welcomed us to Yunquera. They also gave us hand-painted candles.
We even got a tour of the bells of San Pedro. This bell is only rung when the Bishop comes.

One of our projects was to paint WYD graffiti on a wall.

Here is a picture of the patroness of Yunquera, Nuestra Senora de la Granja.

On Sunday they asked us to participate in the running of the bulls. Lucky for us the bulls weren't real.

On Sunday, we left Yunquera in order to join the rest of the pilgrims in the entire diocese. We went to Guadalajara. Over 29 countries participated in Days in the Diocese in Guadalajara.

Here is Michael and I with some friends we met from Italy.

Finally at the end of the Days in the Diocese is was time for me to say good-bye to my host brother, Edu.

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